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2010. Darkness Subverted: Aboriginal Gothic in Black Australian Literature and Film. Bonn: Bonn UP-Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. red arrow


Walter McRae Russell Award for Literary Scholarship 2011.


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as Editor

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Download Maps:

red arrow Detail of standard OpenStreetMap of Brisbane (© OpenStreetMap and Contributors, CC-BY-SA)

red arrow Satellite image of Brisbane (© Google Earth)

red arrow Literary map of Samuel Wagan Watson’s Brisbane as depicted in smoke encrypted whispers (© OpenStreetMap and Contributors, CC-BY-SA, created by Katrin Althans using umap)

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Media Productions

2023. Migra§tory: Law, Narratives, Refugees. Podcast, MP3 audio.

2021. “Narrating Refugees in Law and Literature: A Story in Spatial Terms.” ArcGIS StoryMaps. Last Modified 17 Nov. 2021.

2020. Gothic Down Under: An Introduction. Uploaded 9 June 2020. Vimeo Video, 1:21:42 hrs. (password on request)


“Gothic and Horror Podcast, discussing Lois Murphy’s Soon.” Interview by Bettina Burger, David Kern, and Lucas Mattila. May 2021. Podcast Episode, 38:59.

Picnic at Hanging Rock.” Interview by Bettina Burger, David Kern, and Lucas Mattila. Jan. 2021. Podcast Episode, 27:58.

Invited Talks

“World Literature and the Appeal of the National: The Case of Outback Noir.” Guest Lecture, University of Münster. 14 December 2023.

“Narrating Refugees: The Narrative History of the Refugee Convention in Law and Literature.” Whom Do We Remember? Narratives of War and Migration. Workshop, University of Cologne. 6 July 2022.

“Flüchtlinge als Narrative in Recht und Literatur.” Research Colloquium Gerhard Mercator Graduiertenkolleg Weltoffenheit, Toleranz und Gemeinsinn, University of Duisburg-Essen. 28 April 2021.

“Postkoloniale Theorien, Flucht und die performativen Wirkungen des Flüchtlingsrechts.” Workshop Reflexive Wende der Migrationsforschung. University of Duisburg-Essen. 10 October 2020.

“Transgression als Mittel der Rechtskritik in der Indigenen Literatur Australiens.” Grenzüberschreitung und Exzess. Lecture Series Diversityresearch, University of Duisburg-Essen. 2 July 2015.

Jack Maggs Reconsidered: The Legal Fictions of Great Expectations.” Symposium, University of Duisburg-Essen. 12 June 2015.

“Law and Film: An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Philip McLaren’s Mabo.” Indigenous Australian Literature in Context, 1993-2013. International Symposium, University of Duisburg-Essen. 13 April 2013.

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“Re-Biting the Canon: Indigenous Gothic in Black Australians’ Cultural Expressions.” Word and Image: Under Construction. GNEL/ASNEL Conference, University of Koblenz. 26 May 2006.

Conferences and Workshops

2023. “Australian Mobilities.” Organiser (with Patricia Plummer). Biennial GASt-Conference, University of Duisburg-Essen. 19 – 22 Oct. 2023.

2018. Conference “Australian Perspectives on Migration.” Organiser. Biennial GASt-Conference, University of Düsseldorf. 4 – 6 October 2018.

2014. Panels “Justice after Mabo I & II.” Co-Chair (with Patricia Plummer). Postcolonial Justice. Joint ASNEL/GASt-Conference, University of Potsdam. 29 May 2014.

2013. Workshops Academic Writing. Chair. University of Osnabrück.

2012. Workshop “The Complex Relation between Culture and Law: Methods, Concepts, Approaches.” Co-Chair (with Martin Zeilinger). Culture, Rights, Identity. International Summer Institute for the Cultural Study of the Law, University of Osnabrück. 7 – 17 August 2012.

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