Current Research Projects

Currently, Katrin is working on a post-doc project in the field of anglophone literatures at the University Duisburg-Essen, entitled “Narratives of Flight and Migration in Law and Literature” (working title). This project is situated in the area of law and literature studies and draws on narrative literature as well as on documents of international law. In her project, she focuses on the narrative power of statutes as well as on questions of transculturality, hospitality, the nationstate, and biopolitics. Katrin is also interested in the mechanics of legal fictions and has worked on a project entitled “Legal Fictions in Victorian Literature: Towards a New Interdisciplinarity.” One of the main issues for her is a truly interdisciplinary approach to literature, not only in terms of law and literature, but also in her work in the field of transcultural studies as well as in the digital humanities, specifically on digital literary cartography and literary geo- and ecocriticism.